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I somewhat ended on a different note then where I started on the work and purpose of the Holy Spirit; the purpose of the Holy Spirit as stated previously was to empower the Church to carry on the work that Jesus intended for it to do.

Now the question arises what, who, where is the Church? Be sure of this one thing, the Church that Jesus talked about, Paul talked about, was not an organized denomination as we see and hear proclaimed. Jesus said to Peter, upon this Rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. We have seen denominations crumble, thus a proof that is not the Church Jesus talked about.

The Church is a living organism indwelt by the Holy Spirit, washed in the Blood of the Lamb, sanctified, separated from the world but live in the world but does not contaminate his or her self with the things of the world, that includes Hollywood. James 1:27 Read Psalms 24

If you think that you are a part of the Church, of the first born, if you can smoke, drink, play in a nightclub Saturday night and then partake in organized church activities on Sunday you better think again. No man can serve two masters, you cannot serve God and mammon. (Matthew 6:24)

The Church has one foundation, is Jesus Christ the Lord, he is a new creation by water and the word, the true Church does not hide behind some name tag; you cannot separate the body of Christ or the Church. The true body of Christ or the Church will not want to be separated from other believers. Paul spoke about the Husband and wife in relation to the Church (Ephesians 5:23-33) The body of Christ is suffering today for more reasons than one.

(1 Corinthians 12:26) If one member suffers we all suffer. The Church is suffering today spirituality and one of the main reasons, and I say this without fear of contradictions; that ministries that God hath placed within the body cannot function in the local organizations, therefore the whole body is suffering. I have seen it through the years, and am talking from experience not from what I heard someone say or read in a book.

Read 1 Corinthians 11:30. My friend believe this if you like, if you don’t recognize a member of the body of Christ, you could be in trouble. I am well aware there will be thousands read this, some may say, that’s you opinion, no my friend, I hate to use natural things to compare but I will in this; I have been doing electrical work, it could be fatal if I should use my opinion. I have to know what I’m at, it could mean someone’s life when it comes to the Gospel. It’s not a matter of opinion. Jesus said, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set your free. It’s only the truth of Gods’ word will set people free. The commission to the Church empowered by the Holy Ghost, to bind to loose to set men and woman free, to heal, to cast out devils.

I would like end with Joel chapter 2 verse 1. Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my Holy Mountain.

Time to sound the alarm, wake up behold the bridegroom cometh.