The gentleness of the Holy Spirit

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For the past three or four sermonettes I have been dealing with the church, it’s place and work in the world, and with the Holy Spirit in relation to its work in the church and purpose in the believer.

I don’t profess to be a Bible scholar, but I profess to be a Bible believer because of that I am a bible believer. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would guide us into all truth, therefore any believer in Christ should not be confused with what the Bible says.

For example, if the Bible says ye must be born again as in John 3:7 then the Bible says ye must be born again. I have a problem when I see the word of God being analyzed and almost explained away; again in Saint Marks gospel, which I referred to earlier in a previous sermonette, if there are signs that follow the believer, then there are signs that follow the believer; therefore if the signs don’t follow, ask your own self the question, am I really a believer. Having said all this, I’d better get to what I intended to say from the start.

I know I am only touching on things, I have not gone into any great depth but there is so much, so I am just laying a basic foundation for any one person to accept. My thoughts have somewhat been focused on Genesis Chapter 8. We know of course that is where Noah was about to come out of the Ark. If you note, he first sent out a raven (Genesis 8:7). The Bible says the raven went forth to and fro because I’m sure the raven being the kind of a bird he is, could find lots of dead carcasses to feed on because he is a scavenger isn’t he ? But in chapter 8 verse 8 Noah sent out the dove, the Bible says the dove came back, now we know the dove speaks of peace, gentleness, a bird easily to be driven away , yet easily entreated.

Which symbolizes the Holy Spirit; the dove came back because it could not find no place to rest it’s feet. Noah reached out and pulled her in unto him, the Holy Spirit is looking for a place to rest, a place in peoples hearts. Any place the Holy Spirit is at work, it is not very hard to discover.

Noah sent her out again, she returned in the evening with an olive leaf, the Bible says it was plucked off. How the Holy Spirit wants to pluck men and women from the things of this world and give the new life and bring them to Jesus of which the Ark was symbolic, a place of refuge, a place of safety. I know places today the Holy Spirit is not welcome, although they sing it but sorry to say, the Holy Spirit will not stay where there is any type of corruption, unbelief.

Read Galatians 5:19-21. The Holy Spirit will not stay among these things. We need to invite the Holy Spirit in and clean up, and be prepared to let Him stay and rest upon our lives. He brings peace, love, joy, etc.. if we allow Him to stay.

I know this is only a touch on the fringes of reality, the Holy Spirit will bring new life if any man be in Christ he is a new creature. I’m convinced today that in some places the Holy Spirit is looking for a place to rest.