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The lost word, don’t make no mistake, I did not say the last word. 2nd Kings chapter 22 tells us a bit of history concerning the book of the law that was found in the temple. Now it’s not a place where you would think that the word of the Lord would get lost because that is where the word of the Lord was read and taught in the temple, or in the House of the Lord.

Please note, King Hezekiah in chapter 20 was a good King, but when he had passed on, Manasseh reigned in his stead, thus bringing in every abominable thing into the house of the Lord. Verse 6 chapter 21, he even went to the courts of the devil, and retained the spirits of demons to aid him. What a let down from what his father had taught him. I’m just giving you an eye opener, so in 2nd Chronicles chapter 33 we find that when Manasseh went to sleep with his father or had passed on. Amon his son took over and the Bible says he trespassed more and more, so we find here the spiritual condition in Judah wasn’t in good shape.

Well I am aware there’s a lot more to be said and gathered from these two chapters, first let us go to chapter 22, where Josiah took over the command or leadership. Now remember, he was only eight years old, but I would say he was satisfied to take some advice from his elders under God. But what do you know, when they started to clean out the garbage, what they should find is the word of the Lord, the Bible tells us in 2nd Kings chapter 22, read it. They took the garbage down to the Kidron valley and burnt it, I’m not so sure if the Kidron valley would hold the garbage that are in the places where they should not be today. When they classify things of the world as a ministry to the church, they have put it in the wrong column, they should put it in the junk column.

You want me to itemize some of it, some preachers may not like it but here it is, just to mention a few.
• Movies of any kind.
• Collect garbage to think you are going to have an impression in the community. Read Acts for goodness sakes, the mayor had the disciples put in prison for preaching the Gospel.
• Rock Music.
• Programs that are not in line with the word of God.
• A traveling museum, a science professional to tell us about creation, what garbage!

Read your Bible in case you find it, get into the word, get some word! and not just the letter that mouse hath done a lot of damage. Surly someone hath got a word from the Lord, oh yes someone hath, all or everyone is not using the mouse. The list goes on, it’s time that we get rid of the garbage and let the word of God go forth. To bad when the word of the Lord gets lost in the house of the Lord. I’m quite aware I won’t get any love letters on this one, neither did the apostles on what they preached and practiced. Believe it or not it’s time to get to the Kidron valley and burn the garbage and let the word of God come to the surface, that will change lives.

Just a passing thought, when Mary and Joseph was on their way home, then after a days journey they missed Jesus, so they searched for Him among the crowd. Not finding Him in the crowd they returned to Jerusalem to find Him in the temple, remember He was the word, but they found Him in the temple. When you don’t hear from the word in the temple, if something else is taking it’s place, it’s time to throw out the garbage and look for a word from the Lord.

I may continue on this one, but I won’t stop here. If the word of God is not found then God have mercy.