The Man of Galilee (Part 3)

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The fact that Jesus is still alive; the witness was evident, He was seen of the twelve. (Acts 1:3) He showed Himself alive after His Passion by many infallible proofs, being seen of them (that is the disciples) forty days, speaking of the things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.

Will I am fully aware I have only been touching base on these things pertaining to the Gospel, and the man of Galilee. I have discovered for long ago that no matter what you say; how much you try to put things together; one cannot, will not, never ever, exhaust the word.

(John 21:25) and there are also many things which Jesus did, the which if they should be written everyone; I suppose that even the world could not contain the books that should be written. I believe that there is enough to be said and proclaimed, without people having to use a psychological platform to try to win people to Christ or introduce them to the Gospel. I don’t believe that people should have to be introduced to something from Hollywood to try and solve their problems. If the word which is supposed to be effective, if that don’t do it then I would question the authority of Hollywood.

When the centurion came to Jesus, (Luke Chapter 7). When Jesus said I will come and heal his servant. He said to Jesus, I’m a man under authority, I say to one come and he commeth, to another go, and he goeth. He recognized Jesus had authority so he said speak the word only and my servant shall be healed. There is that divine authority that was given the church on the day of Pentecost and when that authority is used in it’s proper perspective, something has got to happen. We have many accounts in the book of Acts and down through the church age. The lame have been made to walk, blind eyes open, deaf ears unstopped, limbs straightened, Yes, I’ve seen it myself!

Luke gives an account that the power of God was present to heal. When the man of Galilee shows up you can be sure He doesn’t show up for nothing, but many times we miss the real purpose, many leave like they came, say we had a good service and miss what Jesus had for them. I know through experience this is mot guess work.

When God manifests His presence we should not rush and just think this is another good time. The Holy Spirit was not given for people to have a good time; even though in the presence of God we can sure feel good but don’t mistake the feel good for a move of God.

I guess I’ll have to close off this one because I have a hard time writing. I rather be speaking it out. Next time I will follow up on the Holy Spirit, it’s work and purpose, in the earth as recorded in the word.