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This article was not submitted in the archives of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland

I have made many submissions by way of this website, but I have never referred to very much my personal experiences.

I did refer to my personal testimony that I was in the process of publishing within the next couple of months and this is a excerpt from my testimony.

During the year 1957 – 1962 I worked with the department of Fisheries, working out of Deer Lake on the west coast of Newfoundland. It was in the fall of 1958 that we decide to stay in Deer Lake for the winter. In December I felt an urge to go back home to Cottrell’s Cove not having at that time a good knowledge of the Word or what was in store.

The old homestead was vacant at the time as my mother was in Badger, that is of course, central Newfoundland. Having arrived home I discovered that a Pastor that was originally from home had been preaching in Boswarlos, that’s on the Port aux Port Peninsula. However we came together for times of fellowship. I opened up the house for meetings which began to grow. One night we, that is two of us, sat around the table wondering what to do. We drew a promise, if two of you shall agree on any thing asking in faith it shall be done. We took God at His Word and with $10.00 we started to build a place to worship in, 24×36 only small but could accommodate approximately 80 to 100 people.

On the first of February we went in the country to cut the foundation or what we could get for the church. We cut the logs, got them sawed and that was the last load of timber that came out of the woods that winter. We had a site for the church, then of course we had to make other plans to get the rest of the lumber. So we decided to go up in what we called the bay to get the rest, only two of us remember.

We loaded on a tobaggon, gas, chain saw, food for a week and got on the way to finish the project. I’m not filling in every detail just want to let you know how God did, can and will work.

Then of course, there was the process of getting them out and towing them to a sawmill. All this fell in place. We begun to erect the building, remember we only had $10.00 when we started. The head office of the PANOL had no knowledge of what we were doing at the time. We had no loans, no raising money, just trusted the Lord.

I’ll relate to one, there were lost but this one was very outstanding.

Now, Point Leamington is 14 miles away by boat, remember no roads, no telephone at that time. A lady was out in here garden picking strawberries, the Lord spoke to her and told her to give Pastor Hustins (deceased) $100 for the church not having any foreknowledge whatsoever.

A week later there was a baptismal service in Point Leamington and he went up, only to receive the hundred at the service where he met the lady.

That’s only small for God!

However, we started with $10.00 in February 1959 and the church was opened in August of that same year for services. In November of that year it was officially opened with not a cent owed on it.

No help from out head office, oh there is so much more!

More then once we cleaned the sawdust away and prayed that God would send a revival and he did! Oh yes I forgot the little community only had at that time approximately 270 people and three other churches. People came in got saved and in 1965 that’s when we had a mighty visitation from God. In two weeks approximately 18 people got the Baptism in the Holy Ghost, somewhere around August and October there was two water services. God blessed us in a wonderful way. Five people went out in full time ministry.

What a harvest when they re all gathered in, Give Him Glory!

I have a little more in detail in my personal testimony which will go in print within the next 2 months if you would like a copy of my personal testimony just call me at 709-468-1587 or email this website and your name will be put on file.